Man Wins Mega Millions After Cashier Makes Mistake on Lottery Ticket USA

Sometimes it can feel like a real inconvenience when you don’t get what you asked for, especially when you order something and there’s a major mistake.

But for Josh Buster of West Burlington, Iowa, one convenience store cashier's simple printing mistake led to a little stroke of luck that earned him a whopping $1 million.

Buster visited MK Mini Mart in West Burlington, where he asked the cashier to issue him five easy-pick plays for the Mega Millions drawing, which took place on Friday.

The cashier accidentally only printed Buster one play and then asked if the other four could just be printed on a separate ticket,  which hypothetically would have changed the numbers and their order for the following four plays, because a new ticket was issued instead of printing all five in one go on one receipt.

"I got up to go to work early in the morning. I opened up the lottery app and scanned my tickets," Buster said, recalling this past Saturday morning. "I always keep my tickets in the console of my car. And I scanned it in the car and freaked out and ran back inside."

Buster won $1 million of the $20 million that the jackpot consisted of, matching the five numbers in the winning pick but missing the Mega Ball match.

For $2 per play, Mega Millions players select five numbers out of 70 and then a sixth number — which is called the Mega Ball — out of 25 other numbers. Mega Millions are drawn on Tuesdays and Fridays.

"It will take away a lot of my stress in my life — no more of the financial worries," Buster told the Iowa Lottery. “I'm just waiting to wake up from a dream.”

During the same drawing, a ticket scanned in Tennessee matched all five numbers plus the Mega Ball to win a whopping $20 million prize, though the winner has not yet been identified.

The estimated jackpot for the next Mega Millions was $31 million as of Monday afternoon. The drawing will take place Tuesday evening.

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