Video Marketing Statistics: What You Must Know for 2022

Video marketing is all the rage, and the trend is expected to continue to dominate the marketing field in 2022 as well. There’s no denying that video raises the bar across owned, earned, and paid channels while expanding the brand awareness to reach the target audience.

Video Marketing Statistics

However, this approach is relatively new in the marketing domain, and hence, a big chunk of businesses are still hesitating to integrate this tactic into their current strategy. Therefore, we have compiled the best video marketing stats that prove the importance of this trend for 2022 and beyond.  Let’s learn about them. 

1. The demand for video content is increasing

Long gone are the days when YouTube videos used to be the source of entertainment only. Nowadays, videos extend to brands and have emerged as a significant marketing tactic to reach the target audience. 

A study by Hubspot shows that around 54% of consumers prefer watching video content from a brand they support. Since the demand for video is increasing, many industry influencers are proactively producing different types of video content to meet the rising need. 

This study also claims that the major reason why video content is gaining much popularity is the audience’s support. People are more likely to pay attention to the video content, giving rise to its popularity.

2. The ROI of video marketing

If you are still confused about whether using video content is worth it or not? In that case, the video marketing statistics might change your mind. According to Wyzowl’s report, 89% of video marketers say that video content gives them an amazing return on investment. Additionally, 83% claim that video helps them with lead generation. 

This study also reports that 80% of video marketers say that video has directly helped increase sales while 95% are planning to increase or maintain their video marketing budget. Animoto’s Social Video Forecast also suggests that 91% of marketers are satisfied with the ROI stats of the video marketing approach on social media platforms.

In the nutshell, there’s no need to wonder about the benefits of video marketing for business. This tactic is absolutely worth your time, money, and efforts.

3. The audience loves seeing videos on social media

With the rising trend of video marketing, consumers love watching videos on all social media platforms, whether it’s on blogs, YouTube, or simply Instagram videos.

According to Animoto, videos have now become one of the consumers’ favorite content to enjoy on social media. 

Google study suggests that YouTube reaches more than 18-49 years olds in an average week as compared to all cable TV networks combined. Moreover, Google Ads on YouTube has grown by more than 5X in the US over the past two years. 

The 2018 State of Social Video Marketing Trends Report also suggests that 73% of consumers claim that they have been influenced by a brand’s social media presence and this impacts their purchase decision as well. It is one of the important video marketing statistics that show how video content is getting popular amongst the audience with the passage of time.

4. The widespread use of video marketing cannot be ignored

The rising popularity and the widespread use of video marketing reflect its success and dominance in the marketing industry. It is currently used by both B2B and B2C companies. This research also claims that 71% of B2B and 66% of B2C marketers use a video marketing approach to grow their business. 

The Social Media Examiner’s marketing industry report suggests that 57% of marketers used the live video approach in 2019 to connect with their audience. Since this marketing approach is growing, it is important to get the tone right. One wrong word can annoy the customers, putting all your efforts in vain. 

A Wyzowl 2017 study reveals that 75% of consumers decided not to purchase a product because the video voiceover irritated them. This study also suggests that 85 of consumers prefer an informal and chatty tone. 

In addition to the tone, the length of the video matters a lot. Vidyard’s research shows that the amount of time people spend watching your videos depends on their duration. This study also reveals that about 68% of viewers watch the complete video if it’s under 1 minute.

5. The rise of mobile video marketing

A big chunk of people watch videos during their office breaks or while commuting. For this case, mobile video marketing is on the rise. This approach is vital to your business’s growth. 

A study conducted by IAB claims that ad spending in digital video continues to increase by 25% year over year, providing that marketers keep on expanding their digital video budgets. The below-mentioned video marketing stats show how much consumers love watching videos on their smartphones. 

  • According to Wyzowl, 90% of consumers watch videos on their mobiles. 
  • Social Media Today claims that 93% of Twitter video views happen on mobile. 
  • YouTube says that more than 70% of all YouTube video consumption is done via mobiles. 
  • Broadbandsearch states that users generally spend 40 minutes a day watching YouTube on mobile devices. 

6. Social Video Marketing 

Social media platforms have now emerged as a one-stop destination for all marketers to promote their products and to raise brand awareness. The best part is that social media users are responding to the content. While TikTok got an average of 1 million video views per day in its first year, Facebook gets more than 8 billion video views per day. 

While most of the brands prefer YouTube to promote their products, Facebook is one of the primary platforms for professional marketers to share video content. YouTube report suggests that users upload more than 500 hours of new video per minute while 1 billion hours of YouTube videos are watched daily.

These statistics suggest that social video marketing will be there for as long as we have social media platforms. 


It’s no secret that if your business is still putting off video content for an unknown date in the future, you are continuously losing out on many of its advantages. Video marketing is a promising approach that will definitely grow your business beyond horizons. Online video makers are helping companies catch up with the video marketing trend fast.

That’s all about the video statistics 2022. We hope our guide has helped resolve your dilemma and convinced you to go the video marketing way. 

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